Finding The Right Clinic

Three Biggest deciding factors in finding the best clinic for you.

1) Consultation with the doctor it should be free , convenient,and information driven, not sales driven

2) Options should be clearly stated

3) Costs should be clear and upfront, no hidden charges  


This is the meet and greet. of your information quest. What feel does the office give you ,how is the parking, Dose the Doctor  explain himself or herself well. Remember you will be interacting with the clinic for a couple of years


There are many options when it comes to treatment plans. consider the pros and cons of your options, over bite correction,time, age of patient, all need to be considered


Cost is a big driver for choosing a clinic to start a treatment plan.  Find out what the total cost is, ask if there any hidden fees or removal fees. Ask what it costs to have follow up checks after the treatment plan is finished.  Always ask if there are any subsidies or government programs that you might qualify for.

Remember ask at your place of employment if there are any financial programs to help offset the costs.

Find the Best Orthodontic Clinic in Edmonton